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Trump Prediction Update

When zipppa wrote a post of Trump predictions, I laughed at the jokes. But last week, when McCain and Rubio indicated they would support Tillerson for State, thus totally killing Téa Leoni’s chances for that position, I really began to worry … Continue reading

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Trump Presidency Prediction Special

For the last 16 years the US president’s office has consistently failed to provide entertainment.  The last two occupants of the white house have been completely averse to scandals, improprieties, bold confrontation, secret wheelings and dealings, extra marital affairs, or … Continue reading

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The Zolltan End of Civilization Prediction Special

Since I seem to be so good at predicting the future (in case you’re keeping score at home, me: 4/8, coins, on average: 4, picking the team with more points: 4, picking the team whose home city has a longer … Continue reading

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Romney = Skinner. Or, Why Romney Won’t Be President

Scene – Stabalot: The Itchy and Scratchy Musical’s opening night. Play ends. Audience claps and asks for avante-garde director Juliana Krellner. Krellner: Thank you. Thank you. Its such a thrill for me to be back in my hometown, Springfield! <Enter … Continue reading

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Bure-ing the lede

If you’ve ever been to, you know that they title all their reports and videos with huge-stretch puns that are both wonderful and terrible. For instance, this video of a glove save by J.S. Giguère was titled “J.S., I … Continue reading

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Poor Planning

I love Zolltan. He’s an interesting character and one of my favorite people all time. When I read the following report from one of our international managers, I couldn’t help myself from picturing Zolltan writing this after getting totally pissed off … Continue reading

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Wherein I decide that my policy preferences are better than yours

It’s tempting to think in broad terms that what we want for ourselves is also what other people want, or what should happen in general. And yet that’s wrong – our individual lifestyle preferences are not something to impose upon … Continue reading

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