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Великий и могучий

I made a post that I regret making. A man was interviewed about prison conditions in DNR controlled Eastern Ukraine, and rather than talk about what he said, I decided to talk about which swear words he used. That was shitty … Continue reading

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Iran Deal Post №3: Are Enemies Useful?

“Слава Богу, мой дружище, есть у нас враги…” -Yuri Vizbor The debate that is happening around the Iran deal right now is in some ways very stupid. People who are for the deal say: “this deal is better for nuclear … Continue reading

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The CCGS Amundsen is sitting idle in Hudson Bay

Earlier this month, with abnormally icy conditions in the Eastern Hudson Bay, the research icebreaker CCGS Amundsen was diverted from its scientific mission to help escort ships providing fuel to remote Inuit communities in Northern Quebec. Highly idiotic reports crowed about … Continue reading

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Twitter is Good

People often ask me, zolltan, what is your favourite social network? Actually they don’t ask me that, and thank G_d, because what kind of terrible bland promote-synergy-enterpreneurial-gobbledygook world would we be living in if this was a topic of frequent … Continue reading

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Novella Matveyeva

For a while I’ve wanted to write something about Novella Matveeva, but I couldn’t figure out what to say other than that I think she is a fantastic poet and bard who deserves love and acclaim. Well, I still don’t … Continue reading

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The song I’ve listened to most in my life is probably Berimbau. At least, last fm seems to think so. I remember a time in 2006 where I would basically listen to it non-stop. One of the proudest moments in … Continue reading

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Iran Nuclear Deal Non-thoughts

As I said earlier, since I wasn’t that afraid of a nuclear Iran, the Iran nuclear deal’s main effect for me seems to be a richer Iran. That has its positives (better for Iranians) and its negatives (better for Assad … Continue reading

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