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Bo Horvat and Perceived Clutchiness

Vancouver Canucks rookie Bo “Scorevat” Horvat has scored some goals this season. More goals, even, than people expected. This is making Canucks fans like me excited. And, until recently, Horvat scoring was something that only happened when the Canucks played good … Continue reading

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On Tanking, Part I: Tanking is Bad, and Should Be Stopped

“Tanking” – or purposely losing games in order to acquire a higher draft pick – has long been a potential strategy in North American sports leagues, but I think the extent to which it’s ruining the NHL is a recent … Continue reading

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Carnet de chansons de tous les jours: Journée de la Francophonie

Comme le Radio Canada m’a avisé, le 20ème était la Journée Internationale de la Francophonie. Même si c’est quelques jours en retard, fêtons-la en écoutant chansons qui vient de la Francophonie. Offrez-nous des suggestions supplementaires! Miossec – Chanson pour Nathalie Jacques … Continue reading

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Start Your Own Terrible Business, Part II

Here are two more bad ideas in the spirit of this post. Note that I think these ones are less bad than the previous ones. At this rate, by part XLIX, we should be onto good business ideas. Front view mirrors: … Continue reading

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The Experimentalist’s Apprentice

There is a rule in science that says you should assume the simplest explanation that fits with what you observe. This is named Occam’s Razor after the medieval monk William of Ockham, who, it is generally agreed, didn’t come up … Continue reading

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Sushi Name Game

UBC Village has (or at least had, when I went there) a restaurant called One More Sushi. Although the name is clearly English, the name could be interpreted as Japanese written in romaji as well (おねもれ). Only a very small fraction … Continue reading

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