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I hate namedropping unless I’m doing it, in which case it’s cool. In the spring of 2009 I was renting a room in T.’s house in the Wedgwood neighbourhood of Seattle. At the start of summer, I had to move because T.’s … Continue reading

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How to visualize Maxwell’s Equations

Maxwell’s Equations are a set of four differential equations that govern electricity and magnetism. If, by some bizarre twist of fate you find yourself studying electromagnetism while reading this blog, then this post may or may not be helpful. Otherwise, it simply … Continue reading

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“How many leaves have swept in…”

This is a translation of an Arseny Tarkovsky poem. (Arseny Tarkovsky is the famous film director’s father, and many of Andrey’s movies contain Arseny’s poems. Although I don’t think this one is in any movie). Thanks to Nikita and Victor … Continue reading

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