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Kavanaugh Hearing Impressions

Watching some of the hearing, I’m not sure I’m convinced as to who’s is telling the truth, though I can say that Dr. Ford’s performance was flawless.  However, the person she has to thank the most for how well she … Continue reading

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Kavanaugh, Priests For Life v. HHS

During the confirmation hearings of Neil Gorsuch, I was a little taken aback by his pompousness and haughty manner of speaking, and my subsequent analysis of his trans-am dissent, lead me to conclude that he is almost certainly a dick. … Continue reading

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Faithful Give or Take a Night or Two

If you enjoy sex, legal squabbles, politics and human depravity in general, you likely look upon the Trump presidency as a godsend.  What tragedy, comedy and drama all at once, not to mention the sheer aesthetic beauty of the Cohen … Continue reading

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Gorsuch, TransAm dissent

Attention Deficit Warning: you’re about to read a long boring text with no pictures. In Neil Gorsuch nomination hearings, two of his opinions were seized on by his detractors. One is “TRANSAM TRUCKING, INC. v. ADMINISTRATIVE REVIEW BOARD, UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT … Continue reading

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