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Romney = Skinner. Or, Why Romney Won’t Be President

Scene – Stabalot: The Itchy and Scratchy Musical’s opening night. Play ends. Audience claps and asks for avante-garde director Juliana Krellner. Krellner: Thank you. Thank you. Its such a thrill for me to be back in my hometown, Springfield! <Enter … Continue reading

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Look Up. Look Ahead.

Usually right before the finish line on mega-projects, I find solace in the weeks coming ahead. Weeks when I’ll be free to do what I want, get back to blogging, writing, running, visiting friends… I never end up doing these … Continue reading

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Ron Francis will have his revenge on Seattle

This week, Seattle news outlets have been abuzz with a proposal for a new arena that would bring an NBA and NHL franchise to the city. Although I personally haven’t met or talked to anyone who was excited about this, … Continue reading

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A Private Detective

The neon sign shouts EA, and, on the other side, with symmetry you didn’t expect, DRIN. Some joker has stolen a letter from the chrome public library sign. Evidently a terrible joker, since the remaining letters now say “Pulic”. The … Continue reading

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“She cried to me, hey why not ask for more?”

A struggle with, and an appreciation for, what Alyssa Rosenberg and her blog does. This may be one of the more “two-handed backhand” compliments Alyssa Rosenberg receives on her blogging. Please do keep in mind that I’m genuinely a fan. … Continue reading

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The Seattle Times Biking Concern Trolls

The above is yesterday’s front-page photo in the Seattle Times. I’ve complained about this before, but Seattle Times’ coverage of biking seems oddly designed to encourage people to avoid biking at all costs while giving the appearance that the Seattle … Continue reading

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Bure-ing the lede

If you’ve ever been to, you know that they title all their reports and videos with huge-stretch puns that are both wonderful and terrible. For instance, this video of a glove save by J.S. Giguère was titled “J.S., I … Continue reading

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