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The best books I read in 2013

Back when I wrote out my list of quotes, I kind of thought it’d be just a part of a 2013 retrospective, where I’d tell you about movies I saw, books I read, places I went, post-graduate degrees I received, … Continue reading

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Some songs, some comments

It was nice to work in a place where I got to use a radio. As a result, I got to say, and hear, 10-4 a lot. That always makes me want to listen to this: Not until the Kings … Continue reading

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Unions and Pipelines

As you may know, the Canadian government just approved the Northern Gateway pipeline, despite strong opposition within B.C. The decision has seemed inevitable for a long time, so it’s not surprising. One annoying aspect of the situation, though is that … Continue reading

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Zolltan World Cup Non-prediction Special

The World Cup is my favourite sporting event, even though many of the soccer matches are huge disappointments. Part of it is the kind of exotic nature. Back in Seattle during the 2010 World Cup, I would occasionally wake up … Continue reading

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Introducing the Phrasebook Project

Now seems as good a time to mention as any that I have another blog. It’s called the phrasebook project, and you can find it here. Having another blog may seem like a dumb idea considering I don’t even have … Continue reading

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Against theoretical minima

Here is a link to a page set up by Nobel Prize winning theoretical physicist Gerard ‘t Hooft, called “How to become a GOOD Theoretical Physicist.” I’m lucky I decided to be an experimentalist! More seriously,  ‘t Hooft is putting … Continue reading

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