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Unfalsifiable thoughts on falsifiability

To be able to tell science from other kinds of study, Karl Popper developed the idea that for a theory to be scientific, there ought to be an experimental way to show that the theory is false based on predictions … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs is not that insanely great

I think teenagers today have somehow joined a dangerous cult, and I am here to warn you of it in curmedgeonly old-timer fashion. It is the cult of Steve Jobs, and the cult is ubiquitous. Here’s how I know: over … Continue reading

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Melissa Dahl of New York Magazine points to a Park et al. study where they looked for correlations between facebook users’ predicted personality traits (based on a variety of information) and the words they use in their statuses. I uhh… … Continue reading

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Bure-ing the Lede II

A few seasons back, I tried to perform a valuable service by making style headlines for the entire Canucks roster. It’s time to admit I didn’t do a good job of copying the NHL style. Their headlines don’t actually try. … Continue reading

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