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For Freddie de Boer: what’s effective and what’s permissible?

Freddie de Boer has been hammering away at the idea that the way progressive politics is currently practiced is bad for the goals of progressive politics. The way to succeed as a political coalition is to try to convince people, he says. And he … Continue reading

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Tim Lee blames Trump on the internet

At Vox, Timothy B. Lee (I sometimes wonder if he only keeps the “B.” so that people think he invented the internet) has a theory for why Trump and Sanders are so successful: cable news and social media. The article is … Continue reading

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Cultural Appropriation

“Cultural appropriation, cultural appropriation, cultural appropriation. Some is good, some is bad…” OK, maybe shoehorning this song as an intro for every issue was a bad idea… I am going to make a couple of political posts. I know this stuff is not … Continue reading

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You should bike (if you want to)

For someone who has spent a bunch of time on the internet talking about bicycles, I don’t bike all that much. Sure, I usually bike to work, but then my work is a 15 minute bike ride away. That, and the … Continue reading

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