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Gorsuch, TransAm dissent

Attention Deficit Warning: you’re about to read a long boring text with no pictures. In Neil Gorsuch nomination hearings, two of his opinions were seized on by his detractors. One is “TRANSAM TRUCKING, INC. v. ADMINISTRATIVE REVIEW BOARD, UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT … Continue reading

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Cost Disease in Education

At Slate Star Codex, Scott Alexander writes a post on a pretty important question: why do things cost so much more these days, without there being any particular benefit to the average person? Like he mentions, there are many people … Continue reading

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Trump Prediction Update

When zipppa wrote a post of Trump predictions, I laughed at the jokes. But last week, when McCain and Rubio indicated they would support Tillerson for State, thus totally killing Téa Leoni’s chances for that position, I really began to worry … Continue reading

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Thanks, Obama

Obama has been President for most of my adult life, and it is weird to consider that very soon he won’t be. I will always sympathize with him, but he wasn’t a good or successful president. The reason why: I don’t … Continue reading

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Trump Presidency Prediction Special

For the last 16 years the US president’s office has consistently failed to provide entertainment.  The last two occupants of the white house have been completely averse to scandals, improprieties, bold confrontation, secret wheelings and dealings, extra marital affairs, or … Continue reading

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Protesting Pipelines is Worthwhile

Trudeau approved the Kinder Morgan pipeline among others today, and of course the ongoing fight over the Dakota Access Pipeline keeps making the news for the brutal treatment of protestors by police. These are fights that I think activism can … Continue reading

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The Trump

I don’t have anything useful or smart to say on Trump being elected. Just the fact of it happening is already bad news, but what scares me much more is what Trump will do as president. I hesitate to try to … Continue reading

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