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Великий и могучий

I made a post that I regret making. A man was interviewed about prison conditions in DNR controlled Eastern Ukraine, and rather than talk about what he said, I decided to talk about which swear words he used. That was shitty … Continue reading

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Sushi Name Game

UBC Village has (or at least had, when I went there) a restaurant called One More Sushi. Although the name is clearly English, the name could be interpreted as Japanese written in romaji as well (おねもれ). Only a very small fraction … Continue reading

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Sandwiches and Not Sandwiches

(The title is supposed to be a play on the title of this book, which is called “Men and Not Men” in English. I want to strongly recommend it, even though I don’t agree with it and didn’t even like … Continue reading

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I once knew a guy named Anatoly who had a bicycle… does that count?

At one point in this blog, I talked about how historical linguists determine where and when the Indo-European languages were likely to have begun. The use of such methods usually puts the Indo-European homeland as somewhere in the Black Sea … Continue reading

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Two Girls, a Woman, a Troll, and Her Lover

As promised, another post in my eternal quest to one-up Zuuko. Now, as long-time readers will know, I review every movie I see in theatres on this blog (translation for non-long time readers: I haven’t been to a theatre in … Continue reading

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Most Recent Common Ancestor *Updated*

Today, thanks to S., I read an absolutely fascinating post on linguistic diversity in pre-historic Europe that I’m sure will be worth reading to some of you. To get you excited about it, here is just one idea I learned … Continue reading

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