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Spawn of Evil vs. Spawn of Evil

 Anyone interested in the probability that the financial system will fix itself need only to determine whose world view will prevail, Jamie Dimon’s or Mark Carney’s. Jamie Dimon is the head of JPMorgan and fighting tooth and nail against financial … Continue reading

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“War on Cars”

We’re on two wheels, baby! This is a post I can’t and won’t entirely defend because it quickly gets pretty general. So last week the alternative weekly (and “Seattle’s Only Newspaper”) The Stranger observed that in the absence of there … Continue reading

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10 things about “Game of Thrones”

As per Sean Carroll’s secret of how to succeed at the internet. Obviously, there are spoilers. Spoilers can’t be avoided. I don’t buy Yglesias’ case for spoilers*, which is that if something is really good, spoilers won’t ruin it. Which … Continue reading

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“wander[ing] through an orgy thinking only about marginal rates of return”

via djw at Lawyers Guns and Money, an event close to my own heart: anthropologists sticking it to economists. In a very entertaining and informative post from David Graeber on the origins of money that you should definitely read in its entirety (spoiler: … Continue reading

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How can I, that girl standing there, my attention fix…

Are you ready for the exciting world of Belgian politics? In a comment on Zuuko’s post below, I complain that in the developed world, different ways of running societies aren’t really being tried. Well, Belgium might be a bright light … Continue reading

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Altucher: Criminal? Maybe. Stupid? Yes.

In this post, Zolltan pretty much calls out James Altucher as a criminal. Altucher may be a criminal or not, but he certainly is stupid. I would never invest with him or allow him anywhere near my money, which is … Continue reading

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(Apologies to) Milford Wolpoff *Updated Again*

*Update Jan. 2016* It has come to my attention that this post is being linked to from a white nationalist forum as supporting the idea that “whites were never in Africa – it’s another white liberal lie.” I know white … Continue reading

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