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Tim Thomas: even when he’s wrong, he’s right

You might think that I would be unlikely to support Tim Thomas (him being a known Bruin and a newly discovered right-wing nutjob). But I do. First, Tim Thomas is different from most Bruins in that he’s not punking anyone: … Continue reading

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Mark Steyn: even when he’s right, he’s wrong

So yesterday I was reading an article by Conrad Black’s bulldog, and, surprisingly, I was all nodding along like, “you tell ’em Mark!” And Mark Steyn, with his Eurabia bullshit and all that is one of the least convincing or … Continue reading

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Fisk the Bruins

No words necessary.

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Long Run Perspective

 “All this has happened before. All this will happen again.” Book of Pythia, Battlestar Galactica *** Doesn’t this sound like familiar trope? The Middle East’s oil resources are one of the focal points of geopolitical calculations by the two major Powers … Continue reading

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Après Philippe Delerm

Winter in a usually winterless place. The moment it starts, you already to begin thinking about the end. Like an overzealous nurse or an overprotective parent, you worriedly scan for symptoms. Symptoms of winter’s disappearance in its very first arrival. … Continue reading

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Physicists seek to use shame as teaching tool

This article about intro physics classes moving away from lecture style teaching has been making the rounds among my physicist/npr-reader friends. My initial take on this was that this is another example of shame being a strong motivator. People don’t want … Continue reading

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Three in defense of Don Cherry

It’s not that I like or agree with Don Cherry. I obviously don’t. But, not having a large extended family, I also don’t have one of those crazy uncles that you only meet on Thanksgiving that are ridiculous, but sort … Continue reading

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