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Wherein I mention the Spanish Inquisition

…I just thought I’d let you know so it wouldn’t be unexpected… Anyway, this quarter I am taking a genetics class with Joe Felsenstein, who, incidentally, is one of the bloggers at Panda’s Thumb. Last Wednesday, in the process of … Continue reading

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No Value Added: the Series!

I really like Brian Phillips’ (at Grantland) conception of our opinions of the personalities in sports as avatars in trials by combat. He has a lot of fun admitting to, and then ridiculing this idea: The problem is that if … Continue reading

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Cut To The Chase

1. The unpalatable fact remains that Europe may not have the capacity to rescue everybody that now seems to need rescuing without imperiling the financial health and ratings of stronger countries such as France and Germany. (Satyajit Das via, Abnormal Returns). … Continue reading

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“Perdido Street Station”

After “Game of Thrones,” I’ve been wondering what else fantasy has to offer, and thought a good place to look was China Miéville’s “Perdido Street Station”, which won all sorts of awards and was feted for not being like most … Continue reading

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Bankers are not your Friends

The paradox of thrift is a good example of the idea that in terms of economics, making intuitive analogies between countries and people doesn’t always lead to a correct interpretation. A parallel thought is that bankers are not your friends. … Continue reading

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A Simple Solution: Europe-Wide Tax

The crisis in Europe is complex, complicated and no clear or obvious solution is in sight. So, obviously for the last month, I’ve been on the fool’s errand of trying to get to the essence of it all in order … Continue reading

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David Sloan Wilson

Despite the fear I expressed on this blog, the IPEM seminars did not end this year, and so it was that Wednesday, after about 20 minutes’ worth of AV fumbling, I listened to a talk by David Sloan Wilson. The … Continue reading

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