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The best movies I watched in 2018

For the first time in the existence of this blog, I think I actually watched enough movies this year that I can make a post like this. I don’t think I watched anything that came out this year that was … Continue reading

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2015 in Review: Highlights

Movies: I didn’t see that many movies in 2015, and only two¬†that I can remember in theatres. The¬†movies I saw that I thought best, in order of increasing lightheartedness: The Colour of Pomegranates an extraordinary achievement of cinematography and some … Continue reading

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A Soul Indeed

I don’t do obituaries well. “Well,” I asked myself, “why not?” Why must a film explain everything? Why must every motivation be spelled out? Aren’t many films fundamentally the same film, with only the specifics changed? Aren’t many of them … Continue reading

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