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Prediction Special: 2018 NHL Playoffs

At the wedding, I talked with M., who works at a biotech startup that’s trying to prevent food poisoning. He joked that he felt he wasn’t doing a good enough job, since he himself had gotten food poisoning earlier in … Continue reading

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Prediction Special: 2017 NHL Playoffs

The West: (1) Chicago / (8) Nashville Nashville is a fun team to watch now? It’s weird even saying that, and, yes, you still have to get past the excruciatingly ugly home uniforms. But Forsberg, Arvidsson and Jarnkrok are exciting, skilled … Continue reading

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Trump Presidency Prediction Special

For the last 16 years the US president’s office has consistently failed to provide entertainment.  The last two occupants of the white house have been completely averse to scandals, improprieties, bold confrontation, secret wheelings and dealings, extra marital affairs, or … Continue reading

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On Tanking, Part II: Tanking Might Not Even Work

Previously, we discussed that tanking was happening, and that it shouldn’t be. I was going to lay out the different ways tanking could be curtailed in a continuation of this set of posts. Sadly, I was scooped on this by Down Goes … Continue reading

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Prediction Special: 2015 NHL Playoffs

My favourite job on this blog is predicting things, and although I’ve had fun going through the brackets of nuclear bomb threats, resolutions of the Fermi paradox and the like, sometimes we have to turn our attention to matters of … Continue reading

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Bo Horvat and Perceived Clutchiness

Vancouver Canucks rookie Bo “Scorevat” Horvat has scored some goals this season. More goals, even, than people expected. This is making Canucks fans like me excited. And, until recently, Horvat scoring was something that only happened when the Canucks played good … Continue reading

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On Tanking, Part I: Tanking is Bad, and Should Be Stopped

“Tanking” – or purposely losing games in order to acquire a higher draft pick – has long been a potential strategy in North American sports leagues, but I think the extent to which it’s ruining the NHL is a recent … Continue reading

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