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A Memory

My translation of № 7 from Olga Berggolts‘ Tribulation cycle. Thanks to C, M, and U for help with the translation. *** It’s the nightlight’s quiet, greenish glow, Moths and beetles on the lampshade by my head. There, it’s better, … Continue reading

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What “the personal is political” means for privileged groups

This is going to be a post about identity politics, and what it means to identify with a privileged group. Since it wades into the morass of present day politics, it’s not likely to brighten your day. So I will … Continue reading

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The Zolltan imminent geopolitical disaster prediction special

There are a couple good reasons to not make this post. The first is that I’ve been hoping for a long time that zipppa would make it instead. The second is that it is in really bad taste. And nevertheless, … Continue reading

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The Democratic Candidates

Seeing how well my playoff predictions went, maybe my predictions shouldn’t be listened to by anyone. So I’m not going to try to predict who will win the Democratic nomination for 2020. Instead, I want to give something that’s not … Continue reading

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Prediction Special: 2019 NHL Playoffs

Here we go! The East: (1) Tampa Bay / (8) ‘Lumbus In one sense of the word “to have,” Tampa has to win this series because they’re a really great team. In another, it’s Columbus that has to win, because … Continue reading

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Who Killed the Dinosaurs?

I’ve been told that my college draft post was “too verbose for a joke”, and here we lean into that criticism. As Lenin knew, “What is to be done?” and “Who is to blame?” are the eternal questions which we … Continue reading

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Three Silences

Here are some translations I’ve tried doing recently. They’re here in chronological order of original poem. I think the Voznesensky translation turned out best. Fyodor Tyutchev’s Silentium!: Speak not. Remove yourself and hide Your feelings and your dreams inside Your … Continue reading

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