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Defending the indefensible: anti-development

We used to write that this blog has a tradition of defending the indefensible, where we quibbled with attacks on Paul Ryan, Satoshi Kanazawa, and other people we found unsavoury. Now I wanted to try something slightly different. I wanted … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Кофемолка”

Attention Conservation Notice: a too-long and not particularly coherent review of the Russian translation of Michael Idov’s novel “Ground Up”. This should not be of interest to anyone, because Idov presumably can guess everything I’m going to say about it … Continue reading

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Opinion Pages Opinion

Every time the New York Times hires a new opinion writer, there’s a lot of discussion about how they’re doing it wrong (they are doing it wrong). This time is no different. The New York Times hired Bret Stephens, which was stupid … Continue reading

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The Biased Media

I recently had Vietnamese food with my friend J., and this is what he said on the topic of the mainstream media: “I know, there are dangers to treating all of the mainstream media as a monolith, but in some … Continue reading

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Les Tories sont des patriotes français

A long time ago on this blog, I wrote a post on politics that I’m still pretty happy with: “Every Other Country’s Government Is Too Right Wing”. It’s about how it’s natural to want other countries’ governments to be further … Continue reading

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A Political Stance I Find Incredibly Frustrating

Here’s a quote from a woman interviewed by the guardian on the French election (emphasis, and frustration, mine): Another former Socialist, Karine Bartier, said she had voted for far-left candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the first round. “Now I don’t want … Continue reading

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Prediction Special: 2017 NHL Playoffs

The West: (1) Chicago / (8) Nashville Nashville is a fun team to watch now? It’s weird even saying that, and, yes, you still have to get past the excruciatingly ugly home uniforms. But Forsberg, Arvidsson and Jarnkrok are exciting, skilled … Continue reading

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