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Here’s two statuses I saw shared by friends on facebook recently: “Every piece of career advice for women is either gaslighting or victim-blaming.” and “I often get asked how to get more women interested in STEM. Step one: smash the … Continue reading

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The Geographer’s Apprentice

I’m sitting, eating, looking down at the Place des Grottes. A square framed by four houses. A little girl is learning how to roller blade. A man is sitting on a bench talking to himself. Periodically he explodes into sporadic … Continue reading

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Our March

With zipppa’s help, I translated a Mayakovsky poem, too. I never thought I’d be able to translate a Mayakovsky poem, to be honest. Our March Let the city squares beat with stomps of mutiny! Higher, haughty heads’ herd! With the … Continue reading

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Some Osip Mandelshtam Translations

I used to say that I didn’t really like Osip Mandelshtam, although I liked a few of his poems. But then I realized that a poet should not be judged by their average output, but by their heights. And some … Continue reading

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Prediction Special: 2018 NHL Playoffs

At the wedding, I talked with M., who works at a biotech startup that’s trying to prevent food poisoning. He joked that he felt he wasn’t doing a good enough job, since he himself had gotten food poisoning earlier in … Continue reading

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The Best Books I Read in 2017

Here are the best books I read this year. I actually read a book put out this year for once! But it didn’t make the list. To be honest I only read two books which stood out as being amazing … Continue reading

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2017 in Review: Quotes Part 2

…continuing with quoting stuff… Издалека доносилась тишина —Булгаков, Театральный роман Бомбардов был актером Независимого Театра, сказал, что слышал мою пьесу и что, по его мнению, это хорошая пьеса. С первого же момента я почему-то подружился с Бомбардовым. Он произвел на … Continue reading

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