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Songbook of Days: 4/20, Earth Day, Record Store Day

These days fall very close to one another (this year, April 19th was record store day, April 22nd will be Earth day, and clearly 4/20 was on April 20th), and all three can be conveniently celebrated by putting on a … Continue reading

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Zolltan Playoff Prediction Special 2014

Ah, the playoffs, and the Canucks are … wait, it’s actually great they’re not there, because (a) they had no chance if they’d made it, anyway. Who would enjoy watching them get slaughtered (I mean, everyone who’s not a Canucks … Continue reading

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Democracy: Worst Form of Government Except..

So, Quebeckers have massively rejected ┬áLe Tea Parti Quebecois, in an election result that will send shock waves across the country (and in true Canadian fashion, no one outside the country realizes). Although I might seem a little too happy … Continue reading

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