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Songbook of Days: 4/20, Earth Day, Record Store Day

These days fall very close to one another (this year, April 19th was record store day, April 22nd will be Earth day, and clearly 4/20 was on April 20th), and all three can be conveniently celebrated by putting on a … Continue reading

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Zolltan Playoff Prediction Special 2014

Ah, the playoffs, and the Canucks are … wait, it’s actually great they’re not there, because (a) they had no chance if they’d made it, anyway. Who would enjoy watching them get slaughtered (I mean, everyone who’s not a Canucks … Continue reading

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Democracy: Worst Form of Government Except..

So, Quebeckers have massively rejected  Le Tea Parti Quebecois, in an election result that will send shock waves across the country (and in true Canadian fashion, no one outside the country realizes). Although I might seem a little too happy … Continue reading

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