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Unjustified expansion: not just for Russia any more

That’s right, we’re bringing the hockey-geopolitics metaphor back, but now in reverse, to talk about hockey. In case you didn’t know, talk of NHL expansion is afoot. A report surfaced listing Toronto, Qu├ębec, Seattle and Las Vegas as potential expansion … Continue reading

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Zolltan Nuclear Bomb Prediction Special

And you thought the previous post was in bad taste! How about jokes mashing up hockey and millions of people dying terrible deaths? Sounds like a great idea, right? I’ve always wanted to do a prediction style post on what … Continue reading

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Toward a theory of social gatherings

It’s almost like he’s trying to not ever get invited anywhere again. (Edit: but, in case it’s not clear, I don’t mean this to be taken at face value at all. It’s kind of a bad joke). Lately, I’ve been … Continue reading

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