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Straat autovrij, kinderen blij

This is the kind of blog post where I repeat what I’ve already said before, but more forcefully. In other words, it’s like the Zuuko posts on Europe. Oh, I also link to a bunch of videos. So here‘s a … Continue reading

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Cross Canada Tour

So a week ago our friends A. and M. embarked on a cross-Canada bike trip (see for all about it). For this reason, and because I like songs that mention cities, here’s a cross-Canada playlist! British Columbia: Gordon Downie … Continue reading

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If I Ruled the World… I mean Europe

Although Zolltan can’t seem to come up with post ideas because I don’t know… it’s that time of the month or whatever, I on the other hand can claim I’m on injured reserve. I thought eye strain was a physical … Continue reading

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Start Your Own Terrible Business

Sorry we’re having a slow month. I can’t think this month, so I’m reduced to either silence or making posts like this one. Here are two ideas. 20-th century phishing: would work just like phishing does on the internet, except … Continue reading

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It might be best to avoid the Twin Cities around Christmastime

…’cause it’s pretty depressing, whether you’re in Minneapolis… …or Saint Paul.

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All this can be yours

For the past year and a bit, Zuuko and I have been running this blog, and I must say it’s been pretty fun. We got linked to by a real blog at one point. We called James Altucher mean names … Continue reading

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