All this can be yours

For the past year and a bit, Zuuko and I have been running this blog, and I must say it’s been pretty fun. We got linked to by a real blog at one point. We called James Altucher mean names to the point that he came and commented. And Milford Wolpoff (or at least someone who calls himself Milford Wolpoff and is knowledgeable about multi-regional evolution) commented on my post about Milford Wolpoff (lesson learnt: well-known people google themselves, too). For me, it’s been fun to write about fly-torture and Belgian politics, and to read about St. Patrick’s Day drunks and the Euro-crisis.

But I’ve been feeling for a bit that this blog would be better if we got another contributor or two, so that there’d be stuff more often. It’d be more interesting for me, for example, to come here and have new things to read more than half the time. If you know either of us and are willing to pick a zed-based pseudonym, why not join us?

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One Response to All this can be yours

  1. Zuuko says:

    i’d welcome a contributor. i’m afraid my posting is going to be lighter over the next three months. side effect of having major eye strain. sigh…

    what i cut back in volume, hopefully i can make up in quality.

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