Start Your Own Terrible Business

Promote synergy!

Sorry we’re having a slow month. I can’t think this month, so I’m reduced to either silence or making posts like this one.

Here are two ideas.

20-th century phishing: would work just like phishing does on the internet, except you’d obtain fax numbers adjacent to other numbers where people would be likely to fax important information. If you had to get an individual fax machine for each number, and they would just sit silently day after day waiting for someone to fax something to you, that’d be a kind of cool place to work for a crazy person.

An off-menu restaurant: I went to a sushi place on friday that didn’t have good food or good prices or anything, but I still felt awesome, because I got to order something that wasn’t on the menu (nor on special). I bet you could lure a bunch of people to attend your restaurant if you left all the best stuff off the menu, but this was somewhat known and people would come in and feel all super-in-the-know ordering. Whereas food-centric people like Tyler Cowen might hate this restaurant unless the food was also good, gullible, status-conscious hipster-yuppies like me would be all over it.

And these are just two of the terrible entrepreneurship ideas I’ve had within the last five days.

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4 Responses to Start Your Own Terrible Business

  1. Zuuko says:

    Should I be reading anything into the fact that above the tagline “Promote synergy!” you’ve got a pic of 4 brown people and a white lady?

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