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Unnatural Nomenclatural

Big Picture¬†(great photography blog) posted on Eid al-Adha recently. At the risk of bringing the religious hordes to the comment section of this blog (ed note: as if), the opening paragraph in that post uses a common nomenclature which I … Continue reading

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Party Time

It being Halloween weekend, I went to a party tonight. I also happen to be reading a Brautigan book where he mentions parties. The book (The Tokyo – Montana Express) is great, although I would say it is far from … Continue reading

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Songbook of days: Halloween

I just finished a book called “Gene Wolfe’s Book of Days” which is a collection of Gene Wolfe’s short stories which is organized by major dates within the year, either literally or thematically (e.g. love for Valentine’s day). This book … Continue reading

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But what do the Guyanese think about Romney?

I probably should have really waited with this explanation for why non-Americans prefer Obama until we actually got those polls, so that it would look timely. And so I could put Pakistan as the country that prefers Romney. Anyway, here … Continue reading

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Olga Berggolts

There’s been too much politics on this blog lately. Every other blog has you covered on this front anyway. We’re not among the 100,000 best politics-related blogs on the internet. However, I’m pretty sure if we try, we can get … Continue reading

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Programming Note

Zuuko and I are pleased to welcome three new potential contributors to this blog. I don’t know what, if anything, they’ll want to write about (not Calgary, I hope), but let me introduce you to them anyway (and maybe in … Continue reading

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Say No to PowerPoint

Reading Zolltan’s piece on basically voting for whoever aligns most closely with your interest and Yglesias’s piece on the vagueness of Romney’s tax plan, I was pretty bothered, especially ahead of tonight’s debate. I couldn’t square where I sit on … Continue reading

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