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Songbook of Cities: Vancouver, BC

I’m looking forward to going back to Vancouver for the holidays / an as-yet undetermined amount of time, so I thought I’d make a playlist. There are many different kinds of Vancouver, of course, and this playlist is going to … Continue reading

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Simone Weil v. Jarvis Cocker

Attention conservation notice: I take 1000 words to give you the “amazing revelation” that experience can teach you things. Then I bizarrely suggest that you should go be a dilettante hipster farmer. I finish off with a career announcement and … Continue reading

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Protect Semaphore Lakes

Over the August long weekend, three of my friends and I went to camp at Semaphore Lakes, a place in the backcountry north of Pemberton where you can camp among heather meadows. It is a beautiful place, but one that is … Continue reading

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The Cinematographer’s Apprentice

My first memory is of an illness. I am lying in a room with a political world map on the wall, and a big blue hot water bottle is being brought for me. My second memory is of moving. We … Continue reading

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Zolltan arbitrates Great Man vs. Everyman

Last time Zuuko came to visit me, he explained why he doesn’t have much to say for the blog anymore. He’s come to realize more and more that the world’s path depends on the specific actions, quirks and foibles of … Continue reading

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Who’s Afraid of Donald Trump (And Why?)

Recently I was at a fantastic wedding (how often do you hear that? Anyway, it was true) for a really good friend of mine and Zuuko’s. We had prepared a Jesus Christ Superstar-themed song tribute to the young couple, part of … Continue reading

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I hate namedropping unless I’m doing it, in which case it’s cool. In the spring of 2009 I was renting a room in T.’s house in the Wedgwood neighbourhood of Seattle. At the start of summer, I had to move because T.’s … Continue reading

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