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In Which I fall In Love With A Pole

¬†Despite the fact that in my last post I said that I would not comment again on the Euro-mess, I can’t help myself one last time. Believe me, with a busy November from work, it has been relatively easy for … Continue reading

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The painter’s apprentice

What does it mean to make a good portrait? It’s easiest to get to an answer by looking at the reverse. The first way a portrait can be bad is if it doesn’t resemble the person in some way, maybe … Continue reading

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The people ‚ô• violent crackdowns

Dave Weigel notes that the public image of the Occupy movement is tarnished and the Tea Party is now more popular. Also, in a nationwide coordinated effort, the Occupy encampents in 18 cities across the US were cleared out this … Continue reading

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(Re)search results

Looking up “carpenters hurting each other” on youtube does NOT get you videos of people going at each other with planes and carpentry squares. Instead it’s just a sappy pop song. Sad… Meanwhile, despite my fears, googling the particle physics … Continue reading

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This and That **UPDATED

I’m currently in the process of getting raped at work. Where the sun don’t shine. I have more than one portfolio, each with their own massive on-going projects, with several deals that we’re pursuing (and mostly rejecting), while our problem … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan

In this blog’s tradition of defending the indefensible, or, to put it more blandly, offering slight tweaks of attacks that we basically agree with, I wanted to put in a note on Paul Ryan, social mobility and the American Dream. … Continue reading

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