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Who Killed the Dinosaurs?

I’ve been told that my college draft post was “too verbose for a joke”, and here we lean into that criticism. As Lenin knew, “What is to be done?” and “Who is to blame?” are the eternal questions which we … Continue reading

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Top 10 Businesses in Bellingham, WA

It’s my last day (for the time being) in Bellingham, and what better way to celebrate than with commerce! Here are some business establishments in the town that come with the Rated Zed seal of approval: Vital (Bouldering Gym) — … Continue reading

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Morrissey, Explained

Everyone knows and loves musical genius Morrissey, former singer of seminal English band The Smiths. But what animates him, what does he care about? Few of us know, because his lyrics are often so cryptic and vague. For instance, fellow … Continue reading

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I realize you can get a slightly better version of the same joke in Russian without even having to change a letter, but still… A secret flan The man with the flan Time for flan “B” It’s all a part … Continue reading

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Start Your Own Terrible Business, Part II

Here are two more bad ideas in the spirit of this post. Note that I think these ones are less bad than the previous ones. At this rate, by part XLIX, we should be onto good business ideas. Front view mirrors: … Continue reading

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Sushi Name Game

UBC Village has (or at least had, when I went there) a restaurant called One More Sushi. Although the name is clearly English, the name could be interpreted as Japanese written in romaji as well (おねもれ). Only a very small fraction … Continue reading

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Sandwiches and Not Sandwiches

(The title is supposed to be a play on the title of this book, which is called “Men and Not Men” in English. I want to strongly recommend it, even though I don’t agree with it and didn’t even like … Continue reading

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