Morrissey, Explained

This Charming Man (is Morrissey)

Everyone knows and loves musical genius Morrissey, former singer of seminal English band The Smiths. But what animates him, what does he care about? Few of us know, because his lyrics are often so cryptic and vague. For instance, fellow musical luminary Noel Gallagher expressed his confusion about “Meat is Murder” in a recent interview: “What the fuck is Morrissey going on about? Does he really not like meat? He must like sausages. Everybody likes fucking sausages.” Well, you can let your perplexitude recede a little by familiarizing yourself with the meanings behind some titles. Read on in this Morrissey explainer.

I Won’t Share You” – Morrissey addresses a song to his blanket

I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish” – Morrissey laments the poor decision of starting a difficult homework assignment the day before it was due

Paint a Vulgar Picture” – Morrissey offers encouragement to a budding graffiti artist

I Know it’s Over” – Morrissey gives a betting suggestion for the over-under bet in the Super Bowl

Some Girls are Bigger than Others” – Morrissey brings his bubbly persona to a children’s song explaining the process of growing up

There is a Light that Never Goes Out” – Well known for his valourization of the military, here Morrissey waxes poetic about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore” – Morrissey comments on people calling him Snore-issey because of the downbeat nature of his music

The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get” – Morrissey explains the rules of Statues

Why Don’t You Find out for Yourself” – I have no idea

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