Sushi Name Game

UBC Village has (or at least had, when I went there) a restaurant called One More Sushi. Although the name is clearly English, the name could be interpreted as Japanese written in romaji as well (おねもれ). Only a very small fraction of English words do this. I wonder what’s the best sushi restaurant name that you can make using these rules: it has to make sense in English, and be writeable using standard romaji in a way that could possibly scan as Japanese. I have language-nerd sniped myself with this question for long enough, so now it’s time to ask other people. Best (realistically, any!) suggestion wins a prize! I think using words that are clear super-recent borrowings in English (e.g. opera, mandarin) is not very interesting, although when you get to esoteric names like memento mori (めめんともり), or place names like Sochi Sushi (そち), it can still be pretty cool. But the highest points are reserved for long, relatively common English words. Degenerate Sushi (でげねらて), Sushi Nineteen (にねてえん), Sushi Massage (まっさげ), etc. Although it’d be pretty easy to write a script to play this game for me, I prefer to play by hand. In addition to the word length, extra points are awarded for the pronunciation of the string being entirely different depending on the language chosen. An if the Japanese also scans as a (totally unrelated) real word, that would be ideal. Unfortunately I don’t have the Japanese knowledge for that. Other than Aware Sushi (あわれ), I suppose.

PS: Zuuko (ずうこ) Sushi totally works.

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