This blog has been started to share what passes for musings in the heads of its two creators, zuuko and zolltan. Subjects will range from anything to everything. People who know us should feel free to contribute – just ask – as long as you pick a pseudonym that starts with zed.

“zolltan” – (because just zoltan was taken) – is a Ph.D. student in experimental atomic physics. He is interested in human evolution, languages, and biking. He lives in Washington state.

“zuuko” – (because just zuko was taken) – works in finance, managing a much larger sum of money than is reasonable. Apart from finance, he is also interested in the human condition, hockey, and food.

One final note: the header is a detail from Ésprit gardien des eaux, an 1878 charcoal drawing by Odilon Redon.


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