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No Soup For You, Senators

Neither of these things has anything to do with each other. But I’m gonna do one post only and mish-mash the subjects into the title of the post. Screw you, reader expectations. *** Sitting on a Board of a society … Continue reading

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I am crazy

The upcoming post is just me whining. Please excuse me and/or skip. The human experience is so varied and there are so many humans that anyone who says “I thought I was the only one who…” doesn’t mean it literally. … Continue reading

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What’s a Canadian farm boy to do?

And suddenly, everyone in America cares about hockey. Not in the sense of, like, watching or playing it, God forbid, but instead in worrying about the impact fighting has on the professional game. It all stems from this 3-part series … Continue reading

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In praise of inconsistency (but not college sports)

(stick with it, the first jokes aren’t very good) In case you don’t know, college sports is in trouble. Now, a certain (non-me) writer of this blog may complain that another recent news-item may be more pertinent for discussion at … Continue reading

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Art as trial by combat

Alyssa Rosenberg has put out an essay on her blog on engaging the politics of art. It’s an interesting essay, and I agree with many of her points. In a way it works as an apology (in a Mathematician’s Apology … Continue reading

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