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Datapoint of One

I attended a conference recently where one of the discussion items was public transport. Specifically, light rail (subways, skytrains, etc.) has been stastically shown to compel people to switch from driving to transit use, whereas buses couldn’t. People, vaguely described … Continue reading

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At one point, I thought a blog thing that I could do would be “frequently asked questions” where I would attempt to answer frequently asked questions that wouldn’t be on the topic of the site, and, what’s more, would be … Continue reading

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Department of “I Wish I Wrote This First”

I know the masses are hungry for more from zuuko and zolltan. However, patience.  “Delay is natural to a writer. He is like a surfer—he bides his time, waits for the perfect wave on which to ride in. Delay is … Continue reading

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Ante Gamisou!

No one is surprised by headlines like this, Greece Considers Exit from Euro Zone. It has been in the back of peoples’ minds ever since Greece was bailed out. I’m interested in Germany’s dilemma, or more accurately, Angela Merkel’s. The common … Continue reading

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Dedicated to those who were pulling for the Liberals or the Bloc in the election, here is Baden Powell’s Consolação (that’s Portuguese for consolation. duh): My attempt at translating the song into English, below the fold.

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Election Night Roundup

Congratulations to Harper and the Conservatives, and to Layton and the NDP. Iggy was such an unmitigated disaster that I really hope people will take back at least some of the crap they said about Dion last time. In retrospect, … Continue reading

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Hold my nose…

“Hold My Nose and Mark the Ballot” In a reply to this post of Zolltan’s, I commented I couldn’t stomach voting for the Conservatives; a party that’s had my vote since I came of voting age. My decision got much … Continue reading

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