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You should bike (if you want to)

For someone who has spentĀ a bunch of time on the internet talking about bicycles, I don’t bike all that much. Sure, I usually bike to work, but then my work is a 15 minute bike ride away. That, and the … Continue reading

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Songbook of Weeks: Bike to work week

Since Bicycle Day isn’t actually about bicycles in any way, we might as well celebrate bike to work week (which is happening in Vancouver this week). Queen – Bicycle Race St. Vincent – Bicycle Pink Floyd – Bike mum – … Continue reading

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I wanna be non-doored

As recently mentioned, getting doored by a car sucks a lot, and my theory is that fear of dooring probably makes people bike in a less safe manner overall. But there is an easy cure for dooring: get drivers to … Continue reading

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For the bicycle-curious

And now, some good news: David Roberts, superstar environmental journalist has apparently recently returnedĀ from a year-long hiatus at grist, which is great, because he is a very good journalist (note, this was a lot more recent when I started writing … Continue reading

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One of the stupidest things I’ve ever read *Updated*

Sometimes, one can get to thinking that politicians, though I often disagree with them, are trying to improve things, working for the common good, or even at least trying to advance their own personal careers and ambitions. Clearly, this isn’t … Continue reading

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Down (-wards on the map from) and Out (-side) of Paris and London

Blog traffic has been flagging lately, so we must not be writing anything that is interesting to people. The things that people on WordPress seem to like most are inspirational tales of hardships overcome and reinforcements of the mantra to … Continue reading

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zolltan continues to blather on about bike helmets

So Vancouver’s getting a new bikeshare program, which is fantastic news. It is especially fantastic news considering that one of the first things that set me against bike helmet laws is that they seemed to make it impossible to run … Continue reading

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