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2015 in Review: Highlights

Movies: I didn’t see that many movies in 2015, and only two that I can remember in theatres. The movies I saw that I thought best, in order of increasing lightheartedness: The Colour of Pomegranates an extraordinary achievement of cinematography and some … Continue reading

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Donald Trump is Ron Burgundy

Last US presidential election cycle, Zuuko made the observation that Romney was Principal Skinner. This election cycle, I’m going to stay ahead of the game by making my own candidate-fictional character analogy. I was reading Trump’s press release for why … Continue reading

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2015 in Review: Overheard

Like the books post, this also involves more than strictly one calendar year of overhearing things. A Beautiful Mind [a Minnesota Wild fan sitting in a bar with his buddy] You know what I like? Money. I Call it the Richard … Continue reading

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