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Insomnia 6

Remember when I posted a couple of translations from Marina Tsvetaeva’s Insomnia cycle and said I also made other ones? I thought I would post another one. What better time to post it than at 4:30 AM on a Monday night? (6) … Continue reading

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Iran Deal Post №4: Tale of the Nefarious Negotiators

You may have noticed that every opinion piece I’ve linked to on the Iran deal so far, for or against, has been by an American Jew. But, you might be surprised to learn, American Jews aren’t the only people with opinions … Continue reading

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My 10 favourite Brazilian music albums

When people ask me what music I like, I used to say “uh, I dunno?” and then I used to say “everything”. But while both of those are true, they’re not very illuminating nor fodder for further conversation. So now … Continue reading

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Who is Schroedinger’s Cat?

The light was ebbing, and the observer could not distinguish the cat’s state… Schroedinger’s cat occupies a weird space in popular knowledge of science. It is familiar to many people, partly because the name has an aura of mystery, and … Continue reading

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GMOs and the Precautionary Principle

When I read Will Saletan’s big story about anti-GMO movement, I became convinced that the anti-GMO case is pretty unscientific. So it was a surprise for me to see N.N. Taleb, the “Black Swan” and “Anti-Fragile” author, assert in his … Continue reading

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