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Zolltan arbitrates Great Man vs. Everyman

Last time Zuuko came to visit me, he explained why he doesn’t have much to say for the blog anymore. He’s come to realize more and more that the world’s path depends on the specific actions, quirks and foibles of … Continue reading

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Summer quotes from vzglyad

Back in summer, I wanted to write a post quoting translations from Russian media outlets to give an example of the totally different reality with respect to Ukraine that Russians have access to. Now, thankfully, talk of impending World War … Continue reading

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Olga Berggolts

There’s been too much politics on this blog lately. Every other blog has you covered on this front anyway. We’re not among the 100,000 best politics-related blogs on the internet. However, I’m pretty sure if we try, we can get … Continue reading

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Long Run Perspective

 “All this has happened before. All this will happen again.” Book of Pythia, Battlestar Galactica *** Doesn’t this sound like familiar trope? The Middle East’s oil resources are one of the focal points of geopolitical calculations by the two major Powers … Continue reading

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Millard Fillmore: the US’ dumbest president

W. asked my opinion as to who the dumbest US president was. I tried searching for “List of US presidents by dumbness” but google autocorrected it to “List of US presidents by numbness” instead, so I found nothing. Nevertheless, I … Continue reading

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In praise of inconsistency (but not college sports)

(stick with it, the first jokes aren’t very good) In case you don’t know, college sports is in trouble. Now, a certain (non-me) writer of this blog may complain that another recent news-item may be more pertinent for discussion at … Continue reading

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“wander[ing] through an orgy thinking only about marginal rates of return”

via djw at Lawyers Guns and Money, an event close to my own heart: anthropologists sticking it to economists. In a very entertaining and informative post from David Graeber on the origins of money that you should definitely read in its entirety (spoiler: … Continue reading

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