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Millard Fillmore: Spam Magnet

My post on how Millard Fillmore is the dumbest President of the US has been, for over a month now, like a bare 100 W lightbulb to moths of spammers. For some reason spam comments that the WordPress Akismet filter … Continue reading

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Baby’s First AgitProp

Zuuko will hopefully forgive me for having this post in Russian. People who can read Russian will hopefully forgive me, too. Итак, 1е марта славный день, когда Россия вошла наконец в состав главных игроков планеты. Как заметила ведущий, кто главный … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Ukraine Not Yet Dead (as of Mar 13)

Unfortunately I don’t have anything smart to say about Ukraine, it’s all so sad. But since the last three posts on this blog could be construed as russophilic, let me disavow that viewpoint immediately. Although, as mentioned in comments, Zuuko … Continue reading

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