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Musical guilty pleasures aren’t about guilt

I like both Matt Yglesias’ blog and his taste in music, and his distaste for the idea of “guilty pleasures” in music – even though I must say I do find Katy Perry pretty uniformly awful (as for Lily Allen, … Continue reading

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In Praise of South Van

 Today on the ride to work, my derailleur snapped (actually snapped – the metal broke) and so it is with regret that I have to turn, in terms of the biking world, from experiment to theory. Thus, prepare to read … Continue reading

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The Stewart Lee jokes are at the end of this post

Recently there’s been some internet discussion about what, exactly, Tea Partiers are nostalgic for, when they harken back to the good old days of the fifties and early sixties. The question appears relevant, because in terms of economic policy, the period … Continue reading

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Found Wisdom

At a sidewalk booksale today, serendipitously placed right beside each other: “You can have it all” and “The power of limits” I thought it was nice.

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Introduce the metric system…

…in time! …in New Mexico! First off, this post might not really be up to snuff, but in the interest of putting up something and not letting this thing languish, here goes a post about the metric system. This isn’t gonna … Continue reading

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Twilight Zone: S&P Downgrades US

 Scene: Zolltan, me and some of our friends at a beach. We’re approached by two hippies, one guy and one girl, who are passing through on to the next beach. Both are topless. The girl’s half-Asian and kind’ve cute. She … Continue reading

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