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Glaciers of Ice

In the future, this song title will make sense, because most glaciers will be made of garbage. Last weekend, I saw a movie called “Chasing Ice” about photographer Jim Balog who is documenting the rapid disappearance of glaciers. This was … Continue reading

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The Fall

Days get shorter. Days get darker. Working days get longer. My computer screen gets brighter. Looking forward, the future seems darker. Looking back, the past seems brighter. Now is the autumn of my discontent.

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A Pox You Say?

“As ever you see but do not observe.” Sherlock to Watson, BBC’s Sherlock Season 2. I started to reply to Zolltan’s comments in this post on Mulcair and the NDP that somehow got sidetracked into a discussion on environmentalism and the … Continue reading

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The Occidental Tourist

Because of a mechanical malfunction, the morning bus was cancelled. There’s nothing to do but wait for the next one, which doesn’t leave for three hours. The train station coffeeshop is, as tradition dictates, full of bathroom stall jokes and … Continue reading

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A Private Detective

The neon sign shouts EA, and, on the other side, with symmetry you didn’t expect, DRIN. Some joker has stolen a letter from the chrome public library sign. Evidently a terrible joker, since the remaining letters now say “Pulic”. The … Continue reading

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Après Philippe Delerm

Winter in a usually winterless place. The moment it starts, you already to begin thinking about the end. Like an overzealous nurse or an overprotective parent, you worriedly scan for symptoms. Symptoms of winter’s disappearance in its very first arrival. … Continue reading

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