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What “the personal is political” means for privileged groups

This is going to be a post about identity politics, and what it means to identify with a privileged group. Since it wades into the morass of present day politics, it’s not likely to brighten your day. So I will … Continue reading

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How people think about scientific concepts

A couple of times a year, I taught a class in introductory physics for non-science majors. Once for this class, I was discussing a problem in Newtonian mechanics with some students. I think maybe we were looking at a moving … Continue reading

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Grades are a bad system. Before I began teaching, and even for a while after, I considered being against grades to be the philosophical realm of kumbaya-singing hippies (by the way, why is that song such a strong cliché associated … Continue reading

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Teacher Evaluation

One of the biggest, if not the biggest, controversy in education in the US is about standardized testing. And specifically, using standardized testing to evaluate K-12 teachers. Intelligent people, whether supporters or detractors, generally agree that good teaching can be … Continue reading

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Grade Inflation

Before I began to teach, I thought most concerns about grade inflation were silly. I still think that, but now I also think grade inflation is a big deal. Because after starting to teach at a technical college, I realized … Continue reading

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The Flipped Classroom

This is a thought I’ve just recently started having, as I’ve started teaching in a “flipped” classroom, and I’m not sure if it’s at all true. I wanted to share it in case someone who is more knowledgeable about the … Continue reading

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Cost Disease in Education

At Slate Star Codex, Scott Alexander writes a post on a pretty important question: why do things cost so much more these days, without there being any particular benefit to the average person? Like he mentions, there are many people … Continue reading

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