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Opinion Pages Opinion

Every time the New York Times hires a new opinion writer, there’s a lot of discussion about how they’re doing it wrong (they are doing it wrong). This time is no different. The New York Times hired Bret Stephens, which was stupid … Continue reading

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The Biased Media

I recently had Vietnamese food with my friend J., and this is what he said on the topic of the mainstream media: “I know, there are dangers to treating all of the mainstream media as a monolith, but in some … Continue reading

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Elke dag gaat alles beter ook al gaat het niet zo goed

Reacting to the killings of Sterling and Castile and then the Dallas police sniper, Jon Chait writes to reassure us that the country is not falling apart at the seams, and in fact is slowly addressing the issue of mutual … Continue reading

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I come not to bury self-care but to praise it.

T. sent me this article recently, and I was greatly annoyed by it, even though I agreed with it, basically. The gist of the article is something that I think is completely correct: that self-care is good as a means, … Continue reading

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Why Scientific Posters Are Bad

When you do research, you sometimes get results[citation needed]. When you get results, you usually want to present them to your colleagues. As a scientist presenting to scientists, you have three common forms that that presentation can take: the talk, … Continue reading

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Twitter is Good

People often ask me, zolltan, what is your favourite social network? Actually they don’t ask me that, and thank G_d, because what kind of terrible bland promote-synergy-enterpreneurial-gobbledygook world would we be living in if this was a topic of frequent … Continue reading

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Reading List

It used to be the case that blogs put up “blogrolls” but for some reason that has fallen out of fashion. I wanted to do that in post form to just document where I get my information and opinions. While … Continue reading

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