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Een bezoek aan Amsterdam

As I’ve already mentioned, I think my ideal perspective in visiting a city is neither that of the tourist, nor of the local, nor yet of the tourist who “goes where the locals go”, but that of someone who used … Continue reading

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Every other country’s government is too right wing

Since we’re talking about the US election anyway, I should mention something that’s been bothering me for some time. About this time, someone usually does a “world” poll of the US election and finds that the Democratic candidate wins eveywhere … Continue reading

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Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos

Conor Friedesdorf at the Atlantic explains why he will not vote for Barack Obama. In short, Obama is terrible on civil liberties, and in particular his drone war in Pakistan morally disgusts Friedersdorf (with good reason). On the other hand, … Continue reading

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A Surprise Ending?

I would like to direct your attention to this report about high school cheating by Robert Kolker. Ignore all the brain research asides, please. Brain research is fascinating, but the newfangled journalistic frenzy to be the article that “explains” why … Continue reading

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Romney Is Not Who You Think He Is

Taking a gander through the internet after Romney’s disastrous 10-days, a consensus seems to be emerging that Romney is a vaguely Monty Burns-type character. Even Jon Stewart satirized him that way. I humbly disagree. He is, as I have maintained … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Darek Mazzone

(If there’s one thing I learned from running this blog, it’s “relatively well-known people google themselves, too” and so I think it is time to use this knowledge for good) Hi Darek! First off, I want to say that I’m … Continue reading

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Won’t Somebody Think of The Children

Gary Bettman is the worst thing that has happened to hockey. But especially annoying to me, he has got to be one of the the worst sports commissioners ever, if you believe that the job of a commissioner is the … Continue reading

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