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Jupiter’s Finest

Following in El Chapo’s footsteps, another dangerous criminal, Robert Kraft will soon be behind bars, where he belongs. Jupiter, Florida police department, after an 8 month-long sting operation arrested the widowed 8 years ago billionaire on charges of having sex … Continue reading

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The Best Books I Read in 2017

Here are the best books I read this year. I actually read a book put out this year for once! But it didn’t make the list. To be honest I only read two books which stood out as being amazing … Continue reading

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Schrödinger’s Cat of State News

Looking at the news out of Russia today required a thorough understanding of quantum mechanics.  It appears that either protests involving 100’s of arrests took place in Moscow and a host of other cities, as Moscow Times or Dozhd’ would have … Continue reading

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Gorsuch, TransAm dissent

Attention Deficit Warning: you’re about to read a long boring text with no pictures. In Neil Gorsuch nomination hearings, two of his opinions were seized on by his detractors. One is “TRANSAM TRUCKING, INC. v. ADMINISTRATIVE REVIEW BOARD, UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT … Continue reading

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Teaching Thoughts: Teaching is a service

Gonna start talking about what I learned from teaching with the biggest thing about teaching that I think people don’t always consider: it’s a service. I was actually just planning to link to Freddie de Boer’s essay on the topic, but … Continue reading

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If you prick us…

On Feb 8th ’17, Alexei Navalny, a nobody, with 0% chance of winning, but someone who stated that he will seek to be a candidate in next year’s Russian presidential election, has nevertheless, facing double jeopardy, been found guilty of embezzlement … Continue reading

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Why zipppa’s post is totally wrong

Hey, have you noticed we have a new contributor to the blog? I want to welcome him by writing about how I think his post directly below this one is really bad. I confess to not knowing about the Minnesota case … Continue reading

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