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Equality Optimizing Number

Is there an optimum number for achieving equality? I think there is. 4 billion, for example, (as well as not being too great of a lucky number) is a terrible number for equality, because you can’t possibly know or care … Continue reading

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Birthday Thoughts

(watch from 1:30 if you wanna go straight to the song, “Happy Birthday” by Auktyon) Birthdays are a natural place in the year to be thinking about time, and especially about time compared to the length of a human lifespan. … Continue reading

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The Part of Wicked Witch of the West is played by Murdoch

First things first. This is not a defense of Rupert Murdoch and the evil empire. I think the word was coined on The Daily Show for what I feel on the whole phone-hacking scandal:¬†schadenfreudegasm. ** But in keeping with the … Continue reading

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Return from the (not yet) Stars

So the last space shuttle has taken off, and what’s there to say about it? New York Times’ newly minted opinion columnist Frank Bruni thinks about it¬†and decides he has nothing to say on the matter. Kinda disappointing, but considering … Continue reading

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Old People and Understanding Risk

In the course of my current job (think investing gazillions in real assets, i.e not stocks or bonds; I don’t want to get into too much detail to protect my privacy and confidentiality), I sometimes become privy to the weirdest … Continue reading

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