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A Memory

My translation of № 7 from Olga Berggolts‘ Tribulation cycle. Thanks to C, M, and U for help with the translation. *** It’s the nightlight’s quiet, greenish glow, Moths and beetles on the lampshade by my head. There, it’s better, … Continue reading

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Three Silences

Here are some translations I’ve tried doing recently. They’re here in chronological order of original poem. I think the Voznesensky translation turned out best. Fyodor Tyutchev’s Silentium!: Speak not. Remove yourself and hide Your feelings and your dreams inside Your … Continue reading

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Our March

With zipppa’s help, I translated a Mayakovsky poem, too. I never thought I’d be able to translate a Mayakovsky poem, to be honest. Our March Let the city squares beat with stomps of mutiny! Higher, haughty heads’ herd! With the … Continue reading

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Some Osip Mandelshtam Translations

I used to say that I didn’t really like Osip Mandelshtam, although I liked a few of his poems. But then I realized that a poet should not be judged by their average output, but by their heights. And some … Continue reading

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Moscow Metro Song

In the most Russian intelligentsia cliché act of my life, I translated an Okudzhava song. In my metro I never feel too crowded ‘Cause there’s always something like a song about it Where for the chorus we would write Pass … Continue reading

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Should translations of rhymed poems be rhymed?


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A Jolly Song About Corpses

The below is a translation of a Vladimir Vysotsky song which is called “Веселая покойницкая” in Russian. This song has been translated many times into many languages. Here, for instance, is a Czech version. So the purpose here is not to … Continue reading

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