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Moscow Metro Song

In the most Russian intelligentsia cliché act of my life, I translated an Okudzhava song. In my metro I never feel too crowded ‘Cause there’s always something like a song about it Where for the chorus we would write Pass … Continue reading

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Should translations of rhymed poems be rhymed?


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A Jolly Song About Corpses

The below is a translation of a Vladimir Vysotsky song which is called “Веселая покойницкая” in Russian. This song has been translated many times into many languages. Here, for instance, is a Czech version. So the purpose here is not to … Continue reading

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“How many leaves have swept in…”

This is a translation of an Arseny Tarkovsky poem. (Arseny Tarkovsky is the famous film director’s father, and many of Andrey’s movies contain Arseny’s poems. Although I don’t think this one is in any movie). Thanks to Nikita and Victor … Continue reading

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Insomnia 6

Remember when I posted a couple of translations from Marina Tsvetaeva’s Insomnia cycle and said I also made other ones? I thought I would post another one. What better time to post it than at 4:30 AM on a Monday night? (6) … Continue reading

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Великий и могучий

I made a post that I regret making. A man was interviewed about prison conditions in DNR controlled Eastern Ukraine, and rather than talk about what he said, I decided to talk about which swear words he used. That was shitty … Continue reading

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Novella Matveyeva

For a while I’ve wanted to write something about Novella Matveeva, but I couldn’t figure out what to say other than that I think she is a fantastic poet and bard who deserves love and acclaim. Well, I still don’t … Continue reading

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