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Passive Aggressive Astrology

Here is your horoscope for the week 2013.03.28 – 2013.04.03 Aries (21 March – 20 April) Hey Aries is your name Zolltan the Astrologer? No? Well, then, why are you drinking all of my orange juice that’s in the fridge … Continue reading

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50 Hip-Hop Songs

Back in December, Rolling Stone ran a feature on the 50 greatest hip-hop songs of all time. Along with the usual list given by averaging the responses industry leaders and experts, they had an even better list just from Questlove … Continue reading

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Is Hockey Getting Cooler?

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Springfield’s answer to two questions noone asked

People often ask me: zolltan, what is the best Master and Margarita translation into English? Actually, no one ever asks me that. So, instead of getting that opinion to the people who actually want it, I will put it up … Continue reading

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Zolltan, crotchety old man

I complain about some stuff since I can. The shootout is a joke so I’m glad people are treating it like a joke. Why does it exist? Apparently, cause Americans hate ties? But okay, it’s entertaining, whatever. But we can … Continue reading

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Songbook of days – Women’s Day

There are several ways to go with this one. I picked a way, not to say that it was the way. Slowdive – Alison Pulp – Sylvia Леонид Федоров – Светлана Океан Ельзи – Надя Gorki – Mia De Mens … Continue reading

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Came with Cap in Hand; Got Capped In the Ass Instead

This past week’s headlines reminds me of olden times… golden times… banker times… bonuses… entitlements… Psych! Not really. I’d shoot myself before going back to banking. The only thing attractive about banking is the money and promotion (which means more … Continue reading

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