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John Johnson

As mentioned in the previous post, Pääbo’s was not the only interesting talk I went to last week. On thursday, I saw John Asher Johnson talk about the search for exoplanets. You may know John Johnson from this PhD-comics video … Continue reading

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Svante Pääbo

Other than the fact that if you oversleep your alarm and wake up at 11 am, you’re not fired, and, in fact, pretty much no one cares, the thing I will miss most about being a grad student is the … Continue reading

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Listen Here

I posted on the financial transaction tax (FTT) being a stupid idea last year, after reading this article in the Economist, which laid out what FTT was about but didn’t offer the opinion that it was stupid. In the comments to … Continue reading

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“I haven’t felt that good… since Archie Gemmill scored against Hollande in…: Renton (Ewan McGregor) post-orgasm, Trainspotting (1996) As I sit here working on some writing, I have hockey playing in the background. Its sometimes easy to lose sight of … Continue reading

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Glaciers of Ice

In the future, this song title will make sense, because most glaciers will be made of garbage. Last weekend, I saw a movie called “Chasing Ice” about photographer Jim Balog who is documenting the rapid disappearance of glaciers. This was … Continue reading

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Songbook of days: Valentine’s

Since most good songs are about love one way or another, it would be too hard to pick just a few. So instead, I present to you… relationship arcs told through song! The ABBA: desperately wanting the other person: Take … Continue reading

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The problem with macro-econ is that experiment isn’t advancing enough

In the spirit of I will now offer uninformed opinions about what is wrong with macro-econ out of the blue. The author of Unlearning Economics (whom, since I don’t know who they are, I will henceforth call UE) thinks … Continue reading

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