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888 words, 3.5 bad translations and 0 pictures

Although the language I know best is English, for some reason I think all the best poetry is in Russian. Maybe I just don’t know much English poetry. There is a poetry book store in Seattle called Open Books (which … Continue reading

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Theft by Mother (Country)

Today’s shocking announcement that Bank of Canada governor, Mark Carney, has been poached by the Bank of England is an earthquake in global financial circles. Its unprecedented on several levels: a foreigner has been named to head a major central … Continue reading

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Toward a grand unified theory of facial hair

Here’s a theory: most men’s facial hair trends stem from a simple dynamic. The vast majority of men don’t think facial hair looks good in itself or makes them more attractive. Yet, there is something “fun” about having facial hair. … Continue reading

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Punditry At Its Finest

The day of the election, I watched Fox News for the first time not when someone was mocking it. Man… now I know what everyone is talking about. To see how pundits can be useful and add rather than subtract, … Continue reading

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Ramosu and me (and Kenny MacAulay)

The lockout has driven hockey bloggers batty looking for things to talk about, and thus Chris Lund wonders whether the IIHF should impose stricter citizenship requirements, given that the Croatian National Team has a guy from Halifax named Kenny MacAulay … Continue reading

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Songbook of Days: Remembrance Day

Let’s continue the Songbook of Days thing. Some obvious choices here, I guess. Capercaillie – Lament for William Chisholm The Kinks – Some Mother’s Son Belle and Sebastian – I Fought in a War Leonard Cohen – The Partisan PJ … Continue reading

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Ding Dong. The Witch is Dead.

As I write this post, the networks have already declared Ohio for Obama and therefore the Presidency. I suppose we’re happy around these parts. Even Fox has declared for Obama (side note: I’m watching Fox’s coverage of the Republican debacle … Continue reading

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