Punditry At Its Finest

The day of the election, I watched Fox News for the first time not when someone was mocking it. Man… now I know what everyone is talking about.

To see how pundits can be useful and add rather than subtract, I give you the pre-eminent Canadian pundit panel talking about the US election.

CBC News – The National – At Issue – Learning from the U.S. Election.


Among the reasons Romney lost: he was no Stephen Harper. The panel’s comparison of the two is pretty spot on.


God! Won’t everyone just shut up about the election. I wish there was something else we could latch on to.

In related news, be careful what you wish for. Sigh…

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2 Responses to Punditry At Its Finest

    • Zuuko says:

      Yeah. I think your right. It goes to the heart of what i was saying before on how, strategically, the republicans had nowhere left to go. They effecitvely ceded the middle ground to the democrats.

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