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In Praise of the Fair Weather Fan

It’s no surprise that sports is a field where we encounter moralistic scolding, because sports are a part of life, and moralistic scolds are a fact of life. Examples from the media are well-known. Tut-tutting about professionalism and respect for … Continue reading

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Pull the goalie!

Yesterday, Patrick Roy pulled the goalie with 11 minutes left in the game between the Avalanche and the Predators. The Avs were down by 3 and on the power play, so there was probably good justification for it, even though … Continue reading

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Sandwiches and Not Sandwiches

(The title is supposed to be a play on the title of this book, which is called “Men and Not Men” in English. I want to strongly recommend it, even though I don’t agree with it and didn’t even like … Continue reading

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Songbook of Days: Rainy Day

I know, I live in Vancouver and/or Seattle. You could say that I could have picked any other day in the last four months or the next two to post this, but actually it’s not even remotely true. It’s been creepily warm … Continue reading

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