Songbook of Days: Rainy Day

I know, I live in Vancouver and/or Seattle. You could say that I could have picked any other day in the last four months or the next two to post this, but actually it’s not even remotely true. It’s been creepily warm and sunny lately, getting to +17. In fact, I wrote this post and then couldn’t post it for a while just cause it was sunny for so long. So, before we turn into a desert or something, I’m gonna seize the opportunity. Here is a list of rain-themed songs I like. Any suggestions?

Raekwon – Rainy Dayz
Thom Yorke – And it Rained All Night*
Radiohead – Scatterbrain
Bonnie Prince Billy – Raining in Darling
Les Colocs – Dehors Novembre**
Led Zeppelin – The Rain Song
The Verve – Stormy Clouds
Arctic Monkeys – She’s Thunderstorms
Buck 65 – Riverbed Pt. II***
Lucinda Williams – It’s Gonna Rain
The Giving Tree Band – Cold Cold Rain
The Sleepy Jackson – Rain Falls for Wind
Jorge Ben – Chove Chuva
Caetano Veloso – Chuvas de Verao

* This list is very Radiohead-heavy because Radiohead is a very rainy band, I think. Certainly the last time I saw them was one of the rainiest days I remember.

** Doesn’t explicitly have anything about rain, rather sickness, but it’s just such a sad, rainy song I had to include it.

*** No matter how many mild-mannered CBC shows he hosts, Buck will always have a place in the hall of fame for “Raindrops seeping/into the letterbox as I’m sleeping/Makes it seem those who wrote me were weeping”

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2 Responses to Songbook of Days: Rainy Day

  1. Mila says:

    Мне нравится: “Я вас люблю мои дожди”. Я, правда, не нашла лучшего исполнения, а это выглядит не слишком привлекательно. Но исполнение самого Егорова я не люблю. Когда-то в детстве была пластинка в журнале Кругозор, там пели “физики”, из которых потом выпочковался Никитин. Ну, короче, вот эта песня:

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